Marcel Kapfer


Hi there! I'm Marcel Kapfer and I compose classical minimal music.

Back in 2007, I started learning to play the piano. But this not only invoke my interest to render existing pieces into sounds: it also awoke a piece of creativity that wanted to not only interpret but create music.

After some initial tries that did not turn out as expected and a few years of investing time in other areas, I discovered the style of minimal music by Philip Glass. Excited by the previously unheard and unimagined tones the need to create rose again which lead to my first piece in 2014: “The Ending Year”.

Following a hiatus in the next years due to personal changes and struggling with perfectionism since then I can luckily announce that a new piece is already written and only waiting for its recording.

You may read more about my story or discover the works I published right here on this site and follow me on YouTube or SoundCloud to stay informed as soon as something exciting happens.

Yours truly,
Marcel Kapfer

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